Marketing has been associated with countries and trade since ancient times, but marketing varies according to place and time.
Nowadays, we have passed over traditional marketing, digital marketing, and especially electronic marketing.
We find a lot of research and books about marketing and its various types, and no field does not use the art of marketing.


The article is in Arabic


Introduction to Marketing

  • Individuals and countries have used marketing since ancient times.
  • Countries have used marketing to spread terror among enemies and promote their power, justice, and what they want to spread.
  • Individuals promoted their products in terms of price and quality.
  • So are the poets with their poems.
  • Marketing enters into various details of our lives in multiple forms.



Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is divided into :




Visual marketing

It means television and is not limited to the ads that we watch on the channels, they may be in the form of a video clip, movie, or news.
All of them are considered types of visual marketing that belong to traditional marketing.



Audible marketing

It began with radio broadcasts and is an extension of the pre-radio era where songs, poetry, sayings, and folk proverbs were in force. The radio came to develop all this through a channel with a frequency of radio waves.



Readable marketing

Here is the world of journalism and publications, which has evolved from the printed paper to the world of the web.



Postal marketing

It is the letters of ordinary mail and we return to the world of philatelic collectors.
No one denies that this type was used by countries as well as by trade.
The world will not stand without development until the web appeared to open up a new world of marketing.



Marketing by a representative

It is to hire a person who frequents an area or places to offer the product for sale, and most companies and product owners use this type of marketing, which is expensive.



Digital Marketing

A new world to open the door wide for everyone, whether countries, companies, wholesalers and retailers, or individuals.
Therefore, we will focus on it in particular and it is called E-Marketing.




Those of us who have not heard of electronic marketing have become the destination of large and small companies, merchants, and individuals.
Those who master this skill can reach the largest number of customers.
The advantage is that you can reach new clients constantly and you can specify their age, country, and whether he is interested or not.

It is divided into types, which we will describe in detail.



Types of electronic marketing.




E-mail marketing services

An email is an email that you create on one of the most famous sites

Google =

And most of those who use Android phones use it either for the Google Store or YouTube.

Yahoo =

Microsoft =

Yes, most of you use e-mail, and when the web appeared, companies resorted to mail marketing. To this day, anyone who has Mail receives ads, as well as websites and blogs use this type of marketing.

There are currently sites where you can send thousands of emails at one time or by choosing the time you want, and this type is active in foreign countries.

And this type of it is part completely free and part paid.

This type has become a traditional mail alternative.



Marketing via SMS messages

Namely, the messages that you find daily on your phone from the company and other strange messages.
Since you agree with the company that you want to send an SMS to a specific province or a specific region.

And this kind there is not a free part of it, but a fully paid one.

This type has become a traditional mail alternative.



Video Marketing

Who among you has not used YouTube, Instagram, and snap?
Many companies and even individuals publish ads, whether regular video or agree with the owner companies, publish their ads on what you are watching.

And this type of it is part completely free and part paid.

And this genre has become an alternative to television.



Content marketing

Here we mean electronic newspapers, websites, blogs, and a part that we will publish later, which is social networking sites.

Types of content marketing:

  1. Blogging via websites or an online store.
  2. Posts on social media platform accounts.
  3. E-mail messages.e-mail messages.
  4. Seminars and online meetings.
  5. Electronic books.
  6. Photos and videos via the website, Store, or social media.

Here we stop for a bit to imagine a service or product and give you an example if I go to apply for a recognized company I present a resume. And they get me a job interview to find out who I am, whether am I being honest or not.

So does the customer if he searches for your product or about you with a Google search, for example, and already found you and found your business, services, or product.

This gives great confidence to the one who provides the product or service to the customer.

Everyone resorts to this type to compete locally and globally, whether companies or individuals, because it is unacceptable for swindlers and fraudsters to appear in public.

And the content includes a lot of information, including:

  • Who are you and represent who
  • Product or service and quality.
  • All means of your communication.

What do you think the customer wants more than all this to buy the product or service from you?



Application marketing

Who among you has not used applications such as :

Google Hangouts
Apple Group FaceTime
Voxer Walkie Talkie
Yabb Chat

And a lot, a lot of applications with which advertising spreads, but here it is aimed at a specific and general category.
And you can’t determine your audience unless a paid advertisement is through the company, it takes a lot of work and you find few customers, unfortunately.

Marketing skills



Marketing through social media sites

Social networking sites are a force that only the ignorant can deny, but they must be used correctly, including free and paid ones.

You should understand that each of the social networking sites has its audience and spreads in countries without others.

Also, each site has its system, which distinguishes it from others.
The majority of Arabs are using Facebook while the world is leaving Facebook and moving to stronger platforms and allowing bigger and stronger markets.

Imagine paying money on a page or an ad and those who visit the site are young or not interested. While if I spend the same amount of effort on another site, I will find many who want to buy the product or service that is offered.

Some different social networking sites:

Site Jabber
Directory Section
Ultra Bookmarks

These are just a fraction of the hundreds of social networking sites.

Important to learn:

  • Marketing methods.
  • Types of marketing.
  • Marketing concepts.
  • The Art of Marketing.



Marketing by search engine optimization

This type is specific to sites, blogs, and applications.
It prepares the website, blog, or application for search engines to appear on the first pages of the search.



Influencer marketing

Large companies often use this type of marketing, which is the use of celebrities and actors.

Because they have an audience and fans.



Conversational marketing

It is to communicate with customers directly and have a conversation with them.

Many companies and websites are now setting up a system to respond to inquiries or communicate directly with them.

As well as individuals put their numbers to contact their accounts.

Here we put your favorite means that do not cause you any problems or inconvenience.

We give an example:

We at Al Yamani have set up many ways of communication, but we have set WhatsApp to receive messages at any time because it is.

  1. We can identify new messages for the first time.
  2. We can identify important messages and ignore unimportant ones.
  3. Distinguish important messages
  4. Filter groups quickly.

This does not mean that we neglect the rest of the means of communication with the site.



Marketing buzz

Yes, the hummingbird because there are a lot of question marks and questions where he advertises an unknown product or service that pushes the rest to ask question marks when he hears them.

It is also used against smear campaigns and to transform these campaigns from harmful to open-source advertising.

The more we talk, the more we ask questions and talk.



Hidden marketing

This is professional marketing only where you select some celebrities to use your product.

Here it is a distinctive and noticeable product for others, so the message arrives that this is the right and best product.



Relationship marketing

Here your clients are converted into advertising Centers for you by strengthening the mutual relationship between you and them, but it is always necessary to communicate and know their opinions and provide the best and best service to them.



Marketing of events and events

It is the choice of multiple occasions and events to launch your product or services on this occasion or event.
Some companies hold concerts or exhibitions to promote themselves.



Factors of marketing strategy

1. Set a goal that you strive to achieve.

Here you define what the purpose of the work you are doing and how you zoom in to reach the final goal.
If your goal is only money, then you are a failure from the very beginning and you will achieve money but without a goal that opens up other areas for you.

2. Determining the audience is important to know where you are to attract the largest number of customers to achieve the greatest sales.

3. Formulate and prepare your advertising campaigns.
We see a lot of ads everywhere, but the little special that attracts you to read it is important that it stops you while the rest ignore them.

4. Determine the cost and budget.
Many start their work for free only without planning and without making plans for paid advertising. It remains the same as it is published and after a while, he finds that he has not progressed and is still in his place.



We offer advice to all those who publish their works on the Al Yamani website.

1. A good name should be your own to turn into a sign that distinguishes you from the rest.
2. A special paragraph.
3. Featured images of the product or service.
4. A featured video with no copyrighted songs.
5. Develop their ways of communication from:

  • A phone number, watts, or both together.
  • Facebook account.
  • Twitter account.

6. some ask to appear more often and we do a full article for a coin listing a lot of things.
The customer may ask about the product and service to give him the link to the article so the customer to see and know everything in one minute.

All this is provided free of charge to Elymany projects.



A Plan for Beginners

Always when someone comes to the site asking for a legitimate publication, we ask him the following:

  1. Name of the project.
  2. Choose a good name that describes the project or indicates you and after a while, it turns into a brand that is only for you.
  3. Description of the project attracts the client and puts what distinguishes you from others.
    Products or services.
  4. Beautiful and distinctive photos and some tear photos in one image.
  5. A video clip without songs and music with copyrights on it.
  6. Facebook account.
  7. Twitter account.
  8. Contact number or WhatsApp.

He doesn’t know that we are preparing him to market himself and his work indirectly.


The idea is as long as you have a short link from any site that distinctively presents your work, you can take it, put a distinctive paragraph with it, and publish it anywhere.

Important here :

  1. The site should be leading the search engines.
  2. He has a percentage of Google’s trust.
  3. He has a percentage of the trust of social networking sites.
  4. How do I know the strength of the site and whether it suits me or not, come and take the title of the article, enter the
  5. Google Search and write it. You will be shown results and pages.

Is the article on the front page?
Does the article Top the top 5 results on the first page?



Marketing skills

There are many marketing skills in our modern world and current technology, and we are at Al Yamani for those who want free plans that they apply themselves or paid ads.




We have put together a summary of marketing for you, so that it may open up new horizons for you, gain more customers and grow your business.

Greetings to the Elymany website Team.

Contact the Elymany website Team.


Frequently asked questions


What is the right way to advertise my project?

You have to identify the market and customer areas. Each product has a special customer, whether it is a service or a product for men, children, or women. Based on this, you can study the market you are going to enter and then look for the best place to locate the customers you want to target.



What is proper marketing?

After studying the product or service that you provide and determining the market and the audience that you are targeting, you should decide on the launch period. It is to establish a base for expansion to launch, whether using free or paid ads, but you need to establish a media launch base. All e-marketing methods are beautiful, but do you use a professional, or are you the one who will do this work?



Is traditional marketing better or electronic?

In electronic marketing, you can reach the category you want alone, and this is what distinguishes it from traditional marketing, which reaches everyone, whether the category is targeted or not .



Do you have any marketing plans on Elymany website?

We are trying to help all those who lost their works and services on the Yamani website and those who want advice, we will not delay about it. And those who want advanced plans and strategies, we gladly provide.



What does marketing mean?

Marketing is a set of processes or activities that serve to discover the desires of customers and develop a set of products or services that satisfy their desires and bring the enterprise profits within a suitable period. Marketing can be defined as the art of selling, but sales are part of the process.



What is marketing and its types?

Marketing can be defined as a term given to a set of processes that serve to stimulate and develop desires in customers after those desires are discovered. ... These foundations came from several basic concepts that were quoted from them and these concepts such as market research, marketing plan. Marketing Management, Marketing Communications, and marketing structure of the product.



What is the difference between marketing and sales?

Sales is the transfer of ownership of a product from one person to another for a valuable sum of money, while marketing is the analysis of the market, understanding the needs of users and ensuring that they are sufficiently interested in a new product. ... The principle of marketing does not end with simply buying and selling, but it is a long-term strategy that has a long-term impact and requires a lot of time to reverse sales.
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