Means of transportation in Egypt 2023

Means of transportation in Egypt


In our article today, we discuss the means of transportation in Egypt based on many inquiries received by the Elymany website, so today we put for you an entire article about the types of transportation and we hope from Allah Almighty that it will be helpful to you.


The article is in Arabic


Domestic flights or domestic flights

Domestic flights from EgyptAir are highly relied upon by tourists and tourism companies, as they are transferred from Cairo to Aswan, from Aswan to Sharm el-Sheikh, or from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo.

These are just examples.

They are used because they are faster and save time, especially for tourist groups.
It is one of the most expensive means of transportation compared to the rest.

Here is the official website of EgyptAir.




Egypt is connected north to South and vice versa by trains (Egypt railways) and is under the reign of His Excellency the main/

Abdel Fattah said Hussein Khalil al-Sisi

God sustained him and kept him

A large and comprehensive development of trains and railways.

And for information now you can book through the official website of Egypt Railways.




The subway

Known in Egypt as the (Greater Cairo Subway), it is the largest metro network in the Middle East by far.
Currently, the third line is being completed and the fourth line is being completed.

If you use the Metro daily, you can subscribe to the offer.

Egyptian company for Metro management and operation

With a monthly subscription, therefore, we will put for you the official website of the company from the directory of public services provided to you.

Important note:
When you enter or exit the metro station, you must follow the instructions posted everywhere inside the metro or by asking one of the employees deployed inside the Metro everywhere to serve you.

And here is the surprise of the National Authority for Tunnels, an application for sighted people and people with disabilities, in Egypt is developing.


Characteristics of the Egypt Metro application

  1. The application is designed specifically to help visually impaired and visually impaired people in moving between stations and subway lines in Cairo.
  2. The application alerts the user to intersection stops and direction changes.
  3. The application automatically recognizes overhead, surface, and overhead stations.
  4. The application provides the ability to track the flight path by specifying the starting station, arrival station, Line intersection stations, and direction change stations.
  5. The application provides voice notifications that are triggered during the flight path and gives an alert with the name of the current and next stop also an alert is given in case of changing direction stations.
  6. The application provides the possibility of recognizing the number of stops within the itinerary, the ticket price, and its color.


First line: Helwan-al Marj line length: 44 km with 35 stations

  • Helwan
  • Ain Helwan
  • Helwan University
  • Wadi Hof
  • Helwan Gardens
  • The press
  • Tora cement
  • Kotsika
  • Tura al Balad
  • Maadi barracks
  • The antagonist
  • Maadi Gardens
  • Dar es Salaam
  • Zahraa
  • St. George
  • The Good King
  • Mrs. Zainab
  • Saad Zaghloul
  • Sadat
  • Nasir
  • My godfather
  • Martyrs
  • Immersion
  • Demerdash
  • Chest towel
  • Dome bridge
  • Dome baths
  • Sarai Dome
  • Olive Gardens
  • Olive dreaminess
  • Rainwater
  • Ain Shams
  • The palm estate
  • The Meadow
  • The New Meadow


The second line: al-Muneeb-Shoubra Al-Khaimah line length: of 21.5 km with 20 stations

  • Al-Munib
  • Makki’s barmaid
  • The mother of the Egyptians
  • Giza
  • Faisal
  • Cairo University
  • Research
  • Doki
  • Operas
  • Sadat
  • Mohamed Naguib
  • Threshold
  • Martyrs
  • Misra
  • Taming the vulva
  • Santa Teresa
  • Background
  • Parachutes
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Shubra the tent


The third line: a large part of the stations are working and work is underway to complete the rest of the stations

  • Airport
  • Adly Mansour
  • The hyxtep
  • Omar ibn al-Khattab
  • Qubaa
  • Hisham Barakat
  • The picnic
  • The Sun Club
  • A thousand dwellings
  • Heliopolis square
  • Aaron
  • Pyramids
  • College girls
  • Cairo Stadium
  • Exhibition
  • Abbasid
  • Abdu Pasha
  • Army
  • Door noodles
  • Threshold
  • Nasir
  • Maspero
  • Zamalek
  • The Kit Kat
  • Sudan
  • Imbaba
  • Al-Munira
  • The ring road
  • The axis of the tamed vulva
  • Syncretism
  • Nile Valley
  • Mustafa Mahmoud mosque
  • Shahab
  • Boulaq El Dakrour
  • Cairo University


The fourth line is coming soon

If we focus on that there are common stations that will be clearly shown on the map.

Map of current and planned Cairo metro lines.


The subway



River transport – river bus

One of the most beautiful means of transport in Egypt is river transport (river bus).

(MasperoCairo University line)
(Abu alFada-Imbaba line)
(Al maasaraAl hawamidiyah)

There are also non-fixed-route Nile flights.
There are also end-to-end ferries.



Bus and minibus

Another world of transportation in Egypt and the first time you leave the gate of Cairo International Airport, you will find a private bus to the airport for free. It transfers passengers between all terminals of the old and new airport and terminates outside the airport inside a special bus terminal.

The public transport authority has two types.




Public Transport Authority Bus

The buses of the public transport authority are of the quality of large buses and minibusses, and they share that each of them has a non-deviating itinerary that goes from one station to another station and has a non-repeating number.

Therefore, those who use this method find that they memorize the numbers as soon as they remember the number, it tells you this from such a station to such a station and passes to the following areas, and this is an experience for citizens that comes with the days.

The bus is large in size and has a driver and a ticket collector called (Masri).

The minibus is slightly smaller in size and has only one driver.



Minibus (Assembly)

There is a privately owned minibus, and the reason citizens call it the association is because there was an association that was the first to use it for public transportation among citizens.

And turned into private property and you will find the minibus is widely spread on the street،

Sudan, Faisal, the League of Nations, and the hero Ahmed Abdel Aziz.




You can find minibusses everywhere inside Egypt and there are widespread parking lots, so we explain to the Yemeni brothers.

  • Service position or Microbus position.
  • Its advantage is that it is widespread and has a well-known route from one station to another.
  • Their price is affordable.
  • You can transport and drop off passengers in small spaces.



The taxi

The taxi is one of the oldest means of transportation, as it was white and brown, and the meter was outside the car, and if a yellow cloth was found on it, he would tell others that he was not working at the moment, and the prevailing term was locked (bonfire).

Today, the color of the taxi has changed, so it has become white in the capital, Cairo, and the meter is modern. Each province taxi takes a different color that distinguishes it from the rest of the provinces.

If you want to take a taxi, try to check the following: taxi number you may lose some of your luggage, with the taxi number you can reach it.

The meter gives its readers 0000 and if you install the meter opening fee is 7 pounds and you may find it 9, but if you find the meter has a previous number, tell him before he moves to reset the meter.


The taxi



Uber – cream – Dee Dee

Well-known companies in the world and each of them has a special application that you download, specify your place, and destination, and order a car.

For example Uber determines from the application your place and destination, then it chooses you between a motorcycle, a car, or a minibus, and you are on the way, you follow the distance and the route through the company’s application, and when you arrive and the driver presses the end of the trip, the company sends you the value that it will pay you and the driver.

After that, the application opens to evaluate the driver and you choose whether it was a good fit, or bad, and many choices, and if you lose something, you can return to the driver’s information, his name, and vehicle number.




One of the latest means that has recently appeared and you can find it in neighborhoods, popular and villages.
It is an unsafe method compared to what we have already mentioned.

Nevertheless, she moves through neighborhoods and narrow streets skillfully and easily.






Your inquiries and questions are very important as it is one of the incentives that push us to collect information, coordinate it, and put it in an article that benefits everyone.

Means of transportation in Egypt

Means of transportation in Egypt

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