How to deal with the Egyptian street 2023

How to deal with the Egyptian street


How to deal with the Egyptian street at first, let’s agree that the goal is awareness and caution, the more you learn the negatives, you avoid them with ease and ease.

At this time, you can enjoy the advantages that are available and you will spend your trip to Egypt easily and with pleasure.

Unlike others who do not know anything and things happen to them that were not in their imagination. We also wish you to benefit from our article and support us with ratings, likes, and comments.


The article is in Arabic


Airport and post-arrival

* Pay attention, then pay attention, talk about any money you have, whether with a friend or someone you met, or talk about having an operation at such a price, but always pretend poverty and that you are at the expense of do-gooders.
* Many of us found them bragging about money or talking about having an operation for such an amount or they will buy an apartment to live in for such an amount and their talk will cause problems for them.
* The first thing you will hear while you are leaving the airport is a voice telling you to ignore the taxi and say thank you to a car that caught up with you and I have already talked about in a previous article.

What you should do while arriving at Cairo International Airport

Cairo Airport


If you want to try a taxi, take one of two conditions, either on the meter system or stipulate with it the amount you pay from the airport to your destination.

You will find him on the road offering you hotels, accommodation, and everything for a fee that you don’t think he will offer anything for free.



Not drawing attention to you

* Try to avoid wearing different clothes as well, preferably wearing a shirt and trousers as is customary in Egypt.
* The subject matter, whenever you are not conspicuous, reduces the problems and attempts of exploitation against you.
* Avoid everything that draws attention, such as a loud voice while talking to someone with you or talking on the phone, and always put your phone in your pocket, do not make it visible, or in your hand while walking on the streets.
* At first, shops and lighting may catch your eye, and with time you will get used to it, so reduce your gaze and dazzle and focus on your way and watch out for cars, as many roads are two-way.

How to choose the right housing

* Do not open the door to a stranger, even if he must be accompanied by a doorman, and beware of those who claim to be cleaning affiliated with a company or ministry, as well as delegates offering you products to buy.

One of our friends was approached by the representative and offered him a hair shampoo, and he found it a booty, a cheap price, and a good expiration date.
I bought 4 suits and one I found a brother calling and laughing, my brother says Zaki and I hear the second shouting brothers.
I knew the story and immediately told them what happened under the shampoo and how to keep quiet and calm.
Then I told them that it’s an old trick, they fill the package with soap and water, and from above they put shampoo. And you open the package, you find shampoo until you empty a little of it with your hand, smell the package and the tempting price you will buy.

* Do not leave your children alone at home unless accompanied by one of you.

* Beware of anyone who opens a conversation with you or offers you a contest or something for free or a gift, make sure there is something hidden from you.


How to deal with the Egyptian street


How to deal with sellers

* Bearing the Egyptian seller،
You may find him noticing your words and asking you where you are from and how, ask him a lot and open a conversation with you. This is their way of getting to know their customers to strengthen their relationship with them and be regular customers with them. Even if he finds him in another place, saluting him or shouting, then Azik needs to serve a needy person.

About myself, there is no seller I frequent, otherwise, we know each other and we would recognize each other if we were in another place, something normal. You may find the seller boasting about the presence of a foreign customer and may introduce him to the rest if in a crowd.

You take things spontaneously, this is their good nature, the Egyptian people are decimal and servile by nature.

* Peddlers or those who have stretchers may have rough talking from them, such as the threshold.

They do not like the one who grabs the goods and turns them over and does not buy, and we, our owners, grab the goods, turn them over and leave them. And do not buy and go without a kind word, which may irritate the seller. Because they are unaccustomed one examines the goods and does not buy them.

You have nothing to lose if you say sorry, you ruined the organization of the goods, I’ll get back to you again.

And when you return to him, you can negotiate the price since you promised to return to him and it has already happened.



Inquire about prices before buying

* Inquire about the item you want to buy through the internet or by asking your friends and acquaintances, so when you go to buy it, you will know the price, specifications, and its place, and here is an article with wholesale places and the source of most products.



Street and traffic

* If someone stops you on the way, apologize to him gently, like the word sorry, I’m not from here, if he asks you or wants something from you, tell him sorry if he offers you prizes or a service.
Say thank you to him and walk, do not stop.
They always have a special style that makes you take out what you have in your pocket and give it to them.

* When you visit crowded places such as al-Hussein and the musky threshold, pay attention to your pockets, pay attention to your children, and do not walk next to each other. For example, if you are 2, Don’t walk in the middle of the crowd next to each other, one in front and the second behind, and pay attention to each other.

* Be aware that some places apply the minimum charge system, which is the minimum per capita. At a cafe or restaurant, you might walk in and have a cup of tea and find the bill comes to you at 150 or 300 How does that tell you it’s the venue system?
I ask about the order, and the menu and see the prices.

And if something is dropped off that you didn’t order, ask for a return, such as mineral water, they may charge you 20 or 50 pounds depending on the price of the place, while from groceries for 3 pounds.

* Do not go out alone late at night and avoid semi-dark streets where there are no pedestrians and no lighting.

* Respect and know the laws of the country, whether you are a resident, a refugee, or a tourist period, we try to put it for you in a simplified form.
The generally accepted rule ( the law does not protect fools).



Fraud and fraud

We come up with things that you should ban on the Egyptian street, and they are new and renewed.

* You will hear what you are buying or giving you a gift and he asks you to try it and you try it after the experience you find him demanding you and because you used the thing he will ask you for the price he wants, not what you pay, so smile and say thank you and spend.

Someone stops you to ask you about a place or anything, tell him I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry and we leave in front of him،
I don’t want to get out of here and continue on my way.

* Don’t give anyone your money and don’t walk with every owner on the street or leave him in the apartment, but go to a bank that allows you to get a Visa card withdrawn from any ATM and more on the streets.
Ask the embassy for an easy bank with which you can open an account.

Someone stops you to ask you about a place or anything, tell him I don’t know or an urgent regret, and we turn away from him in front of myself, I tell him I’m sorry, I don’t know.



Egyptian police actions

The police, when they stop someone, ask him about his identity and residence, and do not ask him about his money. In some cases, they ask to search the person to make sure that he is not carrying drugs or a weapon.



Modern methods of fraud

* The speculation trick finds them conflicting and you are in the middle, and of course, you intervene to try to disengage, you find yourself stolen.

Someone stops you to ask you about a place or anything, tell him I don’t know and I’m sorry, hurry up and leave in front of him.

* A trick aimed at women, one falls to the ground and you help her, here the rest of the league comes to help you and steal you at the same time.

* The trick of a lost child while you are delivering him and may not return or while you are going with him to search for his home and family, he is accused of stealing the child.

If you want to help at the first shop or pass, ask them if this child or the child says Lost is it possible to help him, I am a foreigner and I don’t know how to behave in these situations, leave them and leave.

* Do not take a muzzle from anyone, but buy it yourself from the pharmacy, whether by car, taxi, or anywhere you do not know what is in the muzzle, you pass out and you are lucky.
Also, someone distributes juice or Pepsi, so be careful about yourself.

* Do not take perfume from someone who said to perfume you or try our perfume if you want perfumes, enter a perfume shop and buy what you want.

One or one of them asks you to make a call because his phone is lost or his balance has expired, especially if a girl and you give her the phone while she is talking and finds her walking, and when you talk to her, she yells at you and accuses you of harassing her.

* Contacts or messages congratulations you earned with us about myself delete the message immediately and contact apologize to him and hang up.

* A call from the bank asking you to update your details:
If you have an account with a bank, the name of the bank may tell you, you believe, but the bank does not communicate with anyone, even in something, it will ask you to visit the branch where you opened the account.


How to deal with the Egyptian street



* Do not take money out of your pocket in front of anyone and always leave (loose money) in your pocket five tens of the twenties meaning 50 pounds or a hundred.

* Do not rent an apartment or buy before you know the laws and regulations mentioned above in the same article.

* Pay attention to tourism companies or those who promote travel.

* Companies that sell you time from an apartment and find this type in malls, owners of prizes, offers, and contracts are valid. He gives you the illusion that you own an apartment or a property while he is just selling you time. One week per year or two weeks as per the contract. Therefore, to write a contract, you must have your lawyer with you.

* Hijacking of phones by Tuk-Tuk or motorcycle.

* Hijacking of a handbag by a Tuk-Tuk or a motorcycle.




These are the most warnings and information that I can put to you and if there is something that I did not mention, contact us to add for the benefit of others and share the fee with us.

We reaffirm and reaffirm the Egyptian people are kind-hearted, generous, and magnanimous people, but like every country in the world, there are rare few who offend their countries.

Greetings to the Elymany website Team.

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