Taraweeh prayer or doing prayer 2023

Taraweeh prayer or doing prayer 2023


Taraweeh prayer or the prayer of doing is associated with our minds from a young age with the holy month of Ramadan. But what do you know about it? so Sheikh Abu Dawood writes about the Tarawih prayer today. In the form of a question and answer for general interest.


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By Sheikh Abu Muaz Mustafa Daoud.


1. What is the Taraweeh prayer and why is it called Taraweeh?

Answer: The Taraweeh prayer is the Qiyam prayer that you pray immediately after dinner in Ramadan and it is a group prayer.
They were called tarawih from the break because they were resting between every two Rak’ahs or every four Rak’ahs, so they were called tarawih from the break.



2. What is the rule of Tarawih prayer?

Answer: he does it when he does it and does not sin, but he missed a lot of good.



3. What is the reward for the Tarawih prayer?

Answer: forgiveness of sins, victory over Ramadan, and all that came in the favour of doing the night.
He replied with the Hadeeth: (whoever did Ramadan in faith and reckoning is forgiven for the above of his sin) Hadeeth is agreed.

And in the Hadeeth: (those who have done ten verses have not written from the oblivious, and those who have done a hundred verses have written from the two channels, and those who have read a thousand verses have written from the Archers).



4. What is the time of Taraweeh prayer, when does it start and when does it end?

Answer: Tarawih begins immediately after the Isha prayer and its time extend to the time of the Fajr prayer.



5. What is the number of RAK’ahs of Tarawih prayer?

Answer: it is well established that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not exceed eleven Rak’ahs in Ramadan or any other. There is no such thing in the Shari’a as an order for such a number, whoever increases or decreases, there is nothing on it. The important thing is to make an even number of two Rak’ahs, two Rak’ahs, then it is strained by one or three, and the chord is the last prayer.



6. Is there a certain fence in the chord?

Answer: yes, Whoever prays three Rak’ahs, is prescribed to recite after the Fatiha in the first Surah of the highest, in the second Surah of unbelievers, and in the third Surah of devotion.



7. Is the chord despondent and what is its time?

Answer: yes, and his time is after getting up from kneeling in the latter.



8. Is there a formula for despondency?

Answer: yes, and it is as follows (O Allah, guide us in whom you gave, heal us in whom you recovered, take over in whom you took over, bless us for what you have been given, and convince us of the evil of what you have spent, you are spent and not eliminated, it does not humiliate anyone and does not cherish those who are normal, Blessed Be Our Lord and Almighty).

A true hadith narrated by Ahmad and the Companions of the Sunnah about Al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with them, and it is permissible to pray any prayer.



9. Is there a prayer after the chord prayer?

Answer: yes, the messenger of Allah, if he delivered from the chord, said (Hallelujah the Holy King, Hallelujah the Holy King, Hallelujah the Holy King, and raised his voice with it).

Narrated by Ahmed and the women.



10. Are you all praying with the imam?

Answer: yes, the first is that for a hadith: (whoever gets up with the imam until he leaves, write for him a qiyaam for the night), and if he prays alone in his house, there is no sin against him.



11. I have not memorized much of the Qur’an, is it permissible for me to read from the Qur’an in the Taraweeh prayer?

Answer: there is no doubt that reading from memorization is the first step, as it is called for reverence and confirmation of the Qur’an. However, we say yes, it is permissible to read from the Qur’an and turn over its leaves during prayer.



Written by Sheikh Abu Muaz Mustafa Daoud.

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Taraweeh prayer or doing prayer



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