Conditions and controls of legitimate Ruqyah 2023

Conditions and controls of legitimate Ruqyah

Shaikh Abu MU’az Mustafa Dawood writes a comprehensive article about Shaikh Abu MU’az Mustafa Dawood, in which we deal with a thorny topic that concerns many and worries some just by thinking about who to turn to if something happens.


The article is in Arabic


Sheikh. Abu MU’az Mustafa Daoud


Legitimate promotion

Legitimate Ruqayyah has conditions:
First: it should be in the words of Allah, or his names, or his attributes, or in the prophetic supplications that are said about him in that.
Second: be in the Arabic language or what is known to mean.
Thirdly, the meaning should be understood.
Fourth: it should not include anything that is not permissible, such as asking for help from someone other than Allah or praying to someone else, a name for the Jinn, or their kings, and so on.
Fifth: to be sure that it does not affect itself, but by the estimation of Allah Almighty.



The difference between a magician and a healer of the Qur’an

The magician and his sign:

1. The patient asks for the mother’s name and date of birth.
2. To make veils and give them to patients.
3. The patient is given a fishing net and asked to put it anywhere in his body.
4. The patient is given a ring, a drum, a celebrity, incense, or paper with a talisman on it and is asked to evaporate at certain times and spray water at certain times.
5. A bird or animal with certain qualities is ordered and slaughtered without mentioning the name of God and throws the carcass in a deserted place after staining the patient with her blood.
6. The magician asks not to take a shower for a limited time or not to touch the water for a limited time.
7. If he told you that I am not being treated in Ramadan, of course, because the Demons are serialized in Ramadan.
8. He is a smoker and may be taking drugs and not feel comfortable talking to him.
9. There is no difference between having a haraam woman and him, and he may abandon the woman and put his hand on her body.
10. He does not order pictures, statues, and dogs to be taken out during the session, nor does he order the patient and his family to pray, obey or draw closer to God in any way.
11. He writes tables, talismans, syllables, numbers, and symbols on the patient’s body or a sheet of paper and asks you to drink her water or put it under the pillow.
12. The patient may order that people retire for a certain period in a dark room that the sun does not enter, and this method is called hijab by The Magicians.
13. He puts on the patient’s body pieces of organs of a dead bird, pieces of metal, or stones.
14. He asks for a photo, clothes, or anything that has a smell related to the patient.
15. He asks for nails, a trace of hair, semen, a towel that collects the sperm of a man and a woman, or some of the menstrual blood.
16. He hits the sand, looks at the cup, Palm, or cochineal, or uses the planets.


Conditions and controls of legitimate Ruqyah



Signs of a healer in the Quran

1. To see commitment and goodness in him.
2. Be proficient in reading and memorizing the Qur’an.
3. He asks you to take out the photos and figurines that are in the house before anything.
4. It reveals the patient by asking him questions to find out whether there is magic or not.
5. Before starting treatment, he shows the patient and his family that healing and Victory are from God and are only a reason.
6. He gives the patient and his family a lesson in faithfulness, faithfulness, and trust in God.
7. He asks to take out any veil, amulets, incense, or anything taken from a previous healer.
8. He does not ask about the mother’s name or dates of birth.
9. He doesn’t sit with a woman without a taboo at all.
10. The patient and his family are asked to take out charity and maintain prayer and remembrance.
11. The treatment is based on the Holy Qur’an and the fixed supplications about the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the general supplications.
12. Therefore, before reading, he should know what suits the situation from the Qur’an, for example, the case of touching love, other than touching revenge, identity or magic of all kinds, as well as the religions of Jinn, just like humans, the Raqi should know what to read on the jinn.
13. You find peace of mind and persuasion in talking with the uplifter ( healer ) about the magician.
14. He should be good at reciting the Qur’an and be as much as possible a keeper of the Qur’an or more of it. the Qur’an is the weapon of the believer, especially the Exalted One. if a soldier neglects his weapon, then what he is fighting for?
15. Then he recites what is with him from the Qur’an with a hymn and reverence, and does not neglect the recitation of the Fatiha, the ayah of the chair, sincerity, and the two helpings.
16. Before Ruqayyah, he corrects the dogma of the one who is promoted to him and reminds him that he is a reason only and that the one with whom he can bring good and pay harm is Allah alone and has no partner.



Some of the specifications of the legitimate Raqi between him and his Lord

  • It includes fear, hope, and love with the fear of Allah, and this can only be with legitimate knowledge, especially belief, and monotheism.
  • The uplifter has to have a lot of worship.
  • He also has to be mostly for the year both big and small in his life.
  • Therefore, he should be pious to Allah because he is his powerful weapon to confront the Demons while leaving transgressions and sins behind because by committing these things, the Demons dare him and he has no influence on them.


Conditions and controls of legitimate Ruqyah



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Conditions and controls of legitimate Ruqyah




We pray to the creator to heal every patient and to keep away from us and from you as the hand of magicians and haters.

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