Egypt visa on arrival 2023 facilitates your entry to the land of the Pharaohs

Egypt visa on arrival 2023 facilitates your entry to the land of the Pharaohs

Egypt visa on arrival is one of the available options for travelers who want to visit the Arab Republic of Egypt. The types of Egyptian tickets are varied and varied, but they all come together for the same basic purpose of facilitating the entry of visitors into the country.


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Egypt visa on arrival is an excellent option for travelers from specific countries, as they can obtain a visa upon arrival at one of the specified airports in Egypt. This service is offered to facilitate the entry procedure and provide more ease to visitors.

Egypt visa on arrival is a convenient option for those who want to visit Egypt for tourism, business, or family visits. Thanks to this service, travelers can benefit from quick and direct entry procedures without applying for a visa in advance from the Egyptian embassy or consulate in their country.




Regardless of the type of visa you choose, visiting Egypt will be a unique and exciting experience. Here you will discover amazing historical monuments such as the pyramids, Luxor, and Karnak temples, and enjoy the magic of Cairo’s Nile and the picturesque shores of the (red – red-Mediterranean) Sea. Also, do not forget to taste delicious cuisine and explore the rich culture and ancient Pharaonic heritage that stretches for thousands of years.

If you are planning to visit Egypt, then an Egypt visa on arrival may be the ideal option for you. Enjoy your trip, explore the beauty of this wonderful country, and enjoy all that it has to offer from the history, culture, and warm Egyptian hospitality.



Egypt visa on arrival

Egypt visa on arrival



International access points

Egypt visa service is available on arrival at several international airports, including the following:

  1. Cairo International Airport.
  2. Hurghada International Airport.
  3. St. Catherine International Airport.
  4. Burj Al Arab International Airport.
  5. Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport.
  6. Luxor International Airport.

When you arrive at any of these airports, you can take advantage of the Egypt visa on arrival service to get your visa and complete the entry formalities easily. This allows you to get on your trip and explore Egypt without having to apply for a visa in advance at the embassy or consulate.

Through these international airports, you will be able to easily reach various cities and tourist destinations in Egypt, whether you want to visit the modern capital Cairo, admire the Red Sea beaches of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, or explore the pharaonic monuments of Luxor and St. Catherine.

Take advantage of these international access points and enjoy your visit to Egypt with ease and comfort.



Countries whose citizens are allowed a visa on arrival

78 countries have been added to the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to obtain a visa upon arrival in Egypt. These states include:

  1. Azerbaijan.
  2. Armenia.
  3. Spain.
  4. Australia.
  5. Albania.
  6. Germany.
  7. Ukraine.
  8. Ireland.
  9. Iceland.
  10. Estonia.
  11. Italy.
  12. Argentina.
  13. Uruguay.
  14. Ecuador.
  15. Bahrain.
  16. Brazil.
  17. Portugal.
  18. Montenegro.
  19. Denmark.
  20. Sweden.
  21. Belarus.
  22. China.
  23. The Vatican.
  24. Kuwait.
  25. Hungary.
  26. Mexico.
  27. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  28. United Kingdom.
  29. Norway.
  30. Austria.
  31. India.
  32. United States of America.
  33. Japan.
  34. Greece.
  35. Paraguay.
  36. Belgium.
  37. Bulgaria.
  38. Poland.
  39. Bolivia.
  40. Peru.
  41. Chile.
  42. Czech Republic.
  43. Georgia.
  44. Russia.
  45. Belarus, Belarus.
  46. Romania.
  47. San Marino.
  48. Slovakia.
  49. Slovenia.
  50. Singapore.
  51. Switzerland.
  52. Serbia.
  53. Oman.
  54. France.
  55. Venezuela.
  56. Finland.
  57. Cyprus.
  58. Qatar.
  59. Croatia.
  60. Canada.
  61. South Korea.
  62. Colombia.
  63. Latvia.
  64. Lithuania.
  65. Luxembourg.
  66. Kazakhstan.
  67. Malta.

In addition, other countries have an electronic entry visa to Egypt, and you can get information about those countries and how to apply for an electronic entry visa through the Egypt portal.



Visa conditions

There are some conditions for obtaining an entry visa, they include the following:

  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Two blank pages must be available in the passport for visa placement.
  • A round-trip ticket.
  • It requires the payment of a fee of 25 US dollars, payment can be made in euros or pounds sterling.
  • Only cash payments are accepted, the use of a credit card is not allowed.
    These are some of the basic conditions for obtaining a visa.



Do you prefer a visa on arrival or an e-visa?

First of all, we should point out that an e-visa is the best, most effective, and 100% guaranteed option.
When obtaining an Egypt e-visa, you will fill out the application form and pay the fee, and then you will receive your visa in the form of a PDF file by e-mail.
Thus, you can travel to Egypt without having to wait for long periods or worry about the procedure for reviewing citizenship, stamping a passport, or paying fees at the airport.


Visa to enter Egypt


As for the arrival visa, you will be required to stand to verify your citizenship, stamp the passport, and pay the fee. In some cases, the visa application may be refused upon arrival.
This depends on the decision of the Egyptian authorities inside the airport.

Based on this, we can confidently say that an electronic visa is the best option. It provides efficiency and a full guarantee and avoids the hassle and delay caused by the visa procedure on arrival.




In short, an Egypt visa on arrival is a procedure that allows travelers to obtain a visa to enter Egypt upon arrival at the airport. Although it provides convenience for some people who cannot get an e-visa in advance, it entails some formalities and delays may occur at the airport.

Egypt visa on arrival requires the traveler to stand for a certain period to review the passport, stamp it, and pay the required fees. In some cases, passengers may face a visa refusal on arrival, which depends on the assessment of the Egyptian authorities at the airport.

So, before deciding on an Egypt visa on arrival, it is advisable to review the requirements and procedures for this type of visa and see the experiences of others. It may be better for many people to get an Egypt e-visa in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays or worries at the airport.

The choice of the appropriate visa depends on your personal needs and individual circumstances. Regardless of which option you choose, we wish you a pleasant and pleasant trip to Egypt.

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