The best tourist places in Cairo and Giza part 1

The best tourist places in Cairo and Giza part 1

The best tourist places in Cairo and Giza when you remember Egypt, remember the Egyptian pyramids. One of the world’s Seven Wonders is Cairo, and Cairo is called the city of a thousand minarets.

The most important tourist attractions.

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Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes

The Egyptian pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the world built by the ancient Egyptians between 2630 and 1530 BC.
They have also been used as tombs for Kings and Queens, and the pyramid of Cheops, located west of Giza, is the largest of them.

It is an unusual tourist attraction with a carved Sphinx shaped like a lion’s body and a human head, indicating strength and wisdom.

Address: last pyramid Street, Giza.


Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes



Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower, also called the island Tower, is a tower located in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
It was built between 1956 and 1961 from reinforced concrete to the design of the Egyptian lotus flower.
They were designed by the engineer. Naum Shabib is located in the heart of Cairo on Zamalek island in the Nile River.
It reaches a height of 187 meters and is about 43 meters higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Address: El Borg street Zamalek section, Cairo governorate.


Cairo Tower



The Nile River

The Nile is a historical river flowing in northeast Africa and is the longest river on the African continent and the longest river in the world.

Although there is disagreement as to its origin, some research suggests that the Amazon River is a little longer.

The Nile River is one of the tourist attractions in Giza, so you can spend a great time moving around the middle of the river.

Whether by sailboats or large yachts and passing through many of the tourist and archaeological sights of Giza on a pleasant trip.


The Nile River



Khan al-Khalili

Khan el Khalili is one of the neighborhoods of Old Cairo in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
It has a great tourist attraction for visitors to Cairo and Egypt in general.

It is characterized by the presence of bazaars, shops, and popular restaurants, as well as a large number of tourists and the habit of citizens visiting tourists.

Khan el Khalili neighborhood has been a source of inspiration for many Egyptian writers and writers, most notably the writer Naguib Mahfouz.
They wrote one of his novels that takes place in the neighborhood and bears his name “Khan al-Khalili”, which was turned into a movie starring actor Emad Hamdi.

Address: El Gamaleya, El Gamaleya Department, Cairo governorate.


The best tourist places.

Khan al-Khalili



The Pharaonic village

The idea of the Pharaonic village began with a dream where Dr. Hassan Rajab thought،
In the work of a living museum, there are real people.
They are dressed in pharaonic costumes and embody ancient Egyptian life.

The tourist makes a night trip in which he can see all the things that the village includes from،

Museum of taxidermy.
The Museum of the builders of the pyramids.
Cleopatra Museum.

And other museums that review the history of Egypt.

Address: 3 Great Sea Street, Giza section.


The Pharaonic village



Saladin fortress

Salah al-Din Castle is one of the most important landmarks of Islamic Cairo, and one of the most luxurious military castles built in the Middle Ages.
Its strategic location on top of Mount Mokattam has provided a magnificent view of all the historical sights of Cairo.
The impregnable walls around the capitals of Muslim Egypt together with the Citadel provided further protection against sieges.

Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi began the construction of this fortress on Mount muqarnas (572-579 Ah /1171-1193 ad) at a place known as the dome of the air.
But he did not complete it in his life, and Sultan Al-Kamil bin Al-Adil completed it (604 Ah/ 1207 ad).
He was the first to inhabit it and took it as a king’s residence, and it remained the seat of the government of Egypt until the reign of Khedive Ismail.
Who moved the seat of government to the Abdeen Palace in the Khedive area of Cairo in the mid-nineteenth century.

The castle witnessed many historical events from the time of the Crusades until the end of the dynasty of Muhammad Ali (1220-1264 Ah /1805-1848 ad).
Which ruled Egypt from the beginning of the nineteenth century until the July Revolution of 1952.

The castle houses many Islamic monuments that have been added over the ages, providing visitors today with a range of places to visit.

The most important of them: is the mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha is the most prominent building inside the castle.
And the mosque of an-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun (718 Ah/1318 ad).
And the Suleiman Pasha al-Khadim mosque (935 Ah / 1528 AD).
In addition to several museums such as the Police Museum, the jewel Palace Museum, the Royal vehicles Museum, and the War Museum.

Address: Salah Salem, abaya, Khalifa section, Cairo governorate.


Saladin fortress



The palace of the Baron is empty

The Indian-style Baron’s empty Palace and its tower, which stands out in the middle of the desert, and its interesting design in burnt brown (Sienna).
It stands apart from the rest of the city, reflecting the high status of its owner.

It is a key landmark in the urban landscape of Heliopolis and is also one of the most prominent landmarks in the capital. His unique innovative image attracts crowds of walkers from passers-by on the way.

It was established by Edouard Louis Joseph empty (1907-1911), a Belgian-born businessman and industrialist.
The king of Belgium awarded him the title of Baron due to his major economic successes. The construction of this architectural masterpiece was commissioned by the French architect Alexander Marcel.

The interior design of the palace consists of three floors topped by a roof and the palace is surrounded by a large garden on all sides.
The basement of the palace was allocated as a residence for the palace servants, which consists of a set of rooms.
They are connected by corridors and doors. The palace building is mediated by a spiral staircase; an elevator connects all floors of the palace with the basement.

The ground floor consists of a reception room, a dining room, as well as a billiard room.
The first floor consists of four rooms, each with a balcony and bathroom.
Finally, the palace roof is an open space located on one side of the distinctive tower of the Baron’s Palace.

Address: el Orouba, El Montazah, Heliopolis section, Cairo governorate.


The best tourist places

The palace of the Baron is empty



Abdeen Palace

Abdeen Palace is talked about by the day and told through history as if you see history happening when you walk around the sides of Abdeen Palace.
It is an immortal architectural masterpiece that Egypt is proud of at all times and the palace has preserved the majesty and splendor of everything in it.
Which turned it into a museum that reflects the luxury with that it was built, and this palace was a witness to many events that passed through this homeland.

Egypt is replete with many royal palaces built by Muhammad Ali Pasha and the Kings and princes from his family who came after him.
Among them is the Al-Jawhara Palace in the castle, the palace of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Shubra Al-Khaimah, the Abdeen Palace, the dome Palace, etc, etc.

The Abdeen Palace is one of the most important of these palaces, as it was the seat of government of the country from 1874 until the Egyptian revolution on July 23, 1952.

This was the first time since the era of the Ayyubid state that the ruler of Egypt left the fortified fortress of the mountain.
He descends to the heart of Cairo to live among his people, and the Abdeen Palace was later transformed by a decision of the Revolutionary Command Council into one of the presidential palaces.

Address: Gomaa Abdin Street, El Gomhouria square, Rahba Abdin, Abdin, Cairo governorate.‬


Abdeen Palace




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The best tourist places in Cairo and Giza

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