The clearest statement in the handcuffing of demons in Ramadan

The clearest statement in the handcuffing of demons in Ramadan

We all hear about it, but today with Sheikh Abu MU’az Mustafa Daoud, he explains a lot to us, may Allah grant us all the best.


By Sheikh Abu Muaz Mustafa Daoud.


The article is in Arabic


About Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him), he said: the messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: (if the month of Ramadan enters, the gates of heaven will be opened, the gates of hell will be closed, and the Demons will be chained) agreed.
Bukhari H. 1800 (2/672) and Muslim H.1079.

And the Muslim pronunciation (if Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise will be opened, the gates of hell will be closed, and the Demons will be handcuffed).
In another version, H. 1080 (if Ramadan opened the gates of mercy, the gates of hell were closed, and the Demons were chained).

Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: the messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: the month of Ramadan is a blessed month when Allaah has imposed on you a fast in which the gates of Paradise will be opened and the gates of hell will be closed and the return of the Demons will prevail.
Sahihwas narrated by Ahmad (59/12 H. 7148) and Al-Nisai (129/4 H.2106).

It has been stated in many words that she was handcuffed, chained and boiled in a way that is not what Hadith Bukhari, Muslims and others.


The clearest statement in the handcuffing of demons in Ramadan


1. What are cuffing, sequencing and coiling?

Ibn Manzoor said the answer in the tongue of the Arabs (256/3).

Clapping. And the cuff: the documentation, the name of the cuff. And the handcuff: a rope with which to be tied or wrapped, which is the handcuff and the handcuff, so this is whether you say I handcuffed the demons or chained the demons and the handcuffs.
There is also a rope tied to it, which is also the cuff, and the combination of handcuffs and the Gul cuff, and the Gul: the Demons tie the cuff with shackles with which the hands and legs are tied and tied at the neck.


2. Do you sequence and handcuff all the Demons?

The answer is that he wanted (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to say: and the Demons were handcuffed because the jinn returned from them, not all the demons, and this is Imam IbnKhaimahh, Ibn Habban, Al-quote and all the scholars.


3. Is the clapping and sequencing the truth or not?

The answer is yes because the original version carried the obscene Shari’a texts on its face until it was dismissed by a pure. He is the truth, and this is what all the scholars say, including Al-Bayhaqi and Ibn Abd al-Bar.


4. Does handcuff prevent the devil from doing his job?

Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said in the fatwas (246/25).
The handcuff of the Demons may hurt, to clarify this is less and weaker than it is in non-Ramadan.

According to the perfection of fasting and its deficiency, we can say that it is a proportional relationship. whoever fasted completely, Satan paid a payment for that, so the payment of incomplete fasting does not pay him.
Note that this occasion is a phenomenon in preventing the fasting person from eating and drinking.
The judgment is fixed according to the street speech, so indicate the consideration of this description and its impact.

He also said (May Allah have mercy on him): (the person who is handcuffed by the Demons may harm, and there is no doubt that was wash is one of the harms, but if he may harm, he can be waswasah from the first gate).
If handcuffing is not forbidden to him, and the devil whips, then the Demons may be bewitched while they are handcuffed.

Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Al-Qabsi was asked about the meaning of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saying: “the Demons are handcuffed in Ramadan.


5. Why do we see sins and temptations in this month like others?

Therefore, al-Qurtubi said, if it is said How do we see evils and sins occurring in Ramadan a lot, then if the Demons were handcuffed, why would that happen

The answer is as follows:
Note that it is less than fasting people who have kept their fast conditions and observed its etiquette or handcuffed some demons and they are apostates.
Do not say all of them as they are presented in some novels, or the intention is to reduce the evils in it, and this is a tangible and tangible thing, so the occurrence of this in it is less than others, of course.

Therefore, it is not necessary for all those who are handcuffed not to commit evil or disobedience, because for this there are reasons other than demons, such as malicious souls, ugly habits and human demons. It was quoted by Al-Hafiz in the book of the opening of al-Bari (4/147).

Ugly habits may Of course prevail, as there are many sins such as drunkenness, adultery, songs and so on in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, she finds that she is motivated by habits, whims, evil souls, unfortunately, human demons, lusts, temptations and many temptations.


The clearest statement in the handcuffing of demons in Ramadan


6. Is magic invalidated in Ramadan?

We say No, why, because the Demons entrusted with magic may be apostate, they are serial and only less evil. But if she is not returned, she is not handcuffed and is not chained, she is doing as she was assigned.


7. Does the possessed recover in Ramadan?

We say that if he was touched by a Muslim Genie, we hope that he will repent and return to Allah. The possessed person recovers, and if the Demon is an unbeliever, he is less evil.

He does not stop obsessing, even if he is not a genie, he is not affected unless the patient does more than obeisances and prayers. He may or may not recover according to the strength of his connection with his Lord, and man may be the pinnacle of obedience, but our Lord has ordained for him a calamity.


8. Is it possible to do magic during Ramadan?

The answer is yes to the magician who uses the unreturned demons.


9. What does it mean for a person with a stroke or magic to recover in Ramadan and then the illness returns to him?

It may happen as if he was a genie who was handcuffed and serialized in Ramadan and then released.
Or that in the month of Ramada,n he was close to Allah and kept the legitimate fortifications, and unfortunately after Ramada,n he neglected and left that.


10. How to chain and handcuff your Satan in non-Ramadan؟

Yes, you may be able to, but in the sense that you restrain him and handcuff him from harming you by maintaining obedience. Especially the legitimate fortifications, then you are on guard from the devil. Satan does not bring you closer, and you had to keep God.

You were not suddenly afflicted by a calamity, and nothing harmed you, and you were in a strong fortress, and all this is by the promise of the truthful, the truthful, the one who does not speak of whim, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.


11. Can a person be epileptic in Ramadan؟

Yes, it is possible for those who have neglected the legitimate fortifications or indulged in lusts, sins and sins. Not all demons are handcuffed in the month of Ramadan, as we explained earlier.

Ibn Taymiyyah said the fatwas (147/12).

The Demons are handcuffed, and they cannot do what they do at iftar, so the handcuff is the one that is restrained because they are only able to have the children of Adam because of desires, and if they stop lusting, the Demons are handcuffed.


12. What benefits does a Muslim get from handcuffing demons in the month of Ramadan?

There is an opportunity to strengthen yourself against the devil by fasting and obedience, as well as an opportunity to get rid of his harm easily and easily.

It is one of the greatest reasons to overcome it and recover from it and gluttony, especially in this blessed month.

And in the handcuffing of demons in the month of Ramadan, a reference to lifting the excuse of the taxpayer, as if he were being told:

The Demons have ceased from you, so do not bother with them in abandoning obedience and doing disobedience.


Written By Sheikh Abu Muaz Mustafa Daoud, Cairo.

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We thank our brother, Sheikh Abu MU’az Mustafa Dawood, for the most wonderful and distinguished article, which came in time a few days before the month of Ramadan.

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