What you should while arriving at Cairo International Airport

What you should do while arriving at Cairo International Airport


We start with general tips on What you should do while arriving at Cairo International Airport Many are ignorant of some things.

which once you know them may make many things easier for you so we put this article to explain everything you may need whether you are coming to Egypt or leaving.


Cairo International Airport


1. Go to a bank and exchange inside the airport to transfer some money into Egyptian pounds.
This is because you will be dealing in Egyptian pounds.

2. Buy a SIM card and order a net package if you want an Uber to go to your destination.

The four mobile phone companies are:


We recommend Vodafone.


Article in Arabic


What you should

Good news for all travelers to the Arab Republic of Egypt, whether Egyptians or foreigners.

as it was decided at the Egyptian Cabinet meeting to lift all restrictions related to the Corona pandemic.

The decision was implemented today, Friday, 17/6/2022.

We will delete all old procedures and wish you a happy travel to all and welcome to the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Cairo Airport

1. Before boarding the plane to Egypt, you must buy a mask that you will wear on the plane for your safety and you will wear it after the plane lands safely.
Before you enter the arrival hall prepare for the completion of your procedures followed by any Egyptian port.
Not wearing a mask can get you into trouble.

2. Your temperature will be measured,
Those whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.

3. Hand sanitization upon entering the lounge.

4. Maintaining a safe distance between passengers and service providers and delivering luggage… and others.

5. All airports are disinfected continuously every 3 hours, and luggage trolleys are disinfected continuously after each use.

Cairo International Airport

What you should while arriving at Cairo International Airport


6. Passengers are allowed to carry alcohol-based disinfectants and hand sanitizers in no more than 100 ml or its equivalent for a liquid bottle or gel for the passenger.

7. At the passport area, travelers are asked to open their passports on the page with their photos, then open the visa page and take off the mask to verify their identity.

8. Medical disclosure of the health status and reporting in case of any symptoms of the disease must be adhered to.


We start with special tips

9. There are no restrictions on the passenger’s entry of any foreign money upon arrival in the country. provided that he discloses what exceeds the amount of (10,000). ten thousand dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies. and it is also permissible to carry an amount of local currency up to (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds.

10. It is forbidden to bring any seeds or agricultural seedlings to prevent the transfer of pests, and in that case, they are destroyed by agricultural quarantine.

11. Disclosure to the customs officer in case of possession of belongings subject to customs collection.

12. Departure Status
The maximum allowed foreign exchange is (10) ten thousand US dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies. Non-Egyptians carry the remaining amounts, provided they have been disclosed upon arrival. It is permissible to take notes of local currency within the limits of (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds.

13. Departure Status
It is forbidden to possess medicines or electronic devices beyond personal use.

14. The passenger is prohibited from carrying flammable liquids, mercury, all dry and liquid batteries, and electronic devices. Which contains lithium batteries such as (computers/cameras/car batteries/lighting devices) except for personal mobiles.

15. It is forbidden to bring any freezers inside the travel bags and any type of liquid with a volume of more than 100 ml. This is except liquids purchased from duty-free shops located inside the airport. Provided that it is closed and there is a purchase receipt from the duty-free shop to ensure its source and safety for passengers and the aircraft.

16. It is strictly forbidden to take any narcotic drugs scheduled by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to ensure the health and safety of passengers.


Cairo Airport


Ahlan VIP Service

17. Nothing is more beautiful or more comfortable than to be met by a smiling face as soon as you arrive at Cairo International Airport.

Upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, Ahlan representatives will wait for you with a sign bearing your name. They then transport you in a custom car to the VIP suite. They will check in and collect your bags and make sure you get good service until you leave the airport.

Upon departure, Ahlan representatives will take special care of you and your bags, as you wait in the VIP Suite. they will check in for your departure and then drop you off with a dedicated car at the departure gate.

Hotline: 00216708


While completing all airport procedures and preparing to leave the airport

18. You have to ask about the bank at the airport to spend $ 100 in Egyptian currency. To ride a car or buy an Egyptian SIM card and activate the internet service on it. As you want and I will explain to you the following why I want you to own an Egyptian currency.

19. When you leave the airport, you will need a car and there are cars in the parking lot. And there is Uber and Careem service, the best Uber will need internet service. Their Google Store app asks them for a car and the car’s itinerary and how much they will pay.

20. If this is your first visit, I advise you to book two nights in a cheap hotel so that you can determine where to live. Depending on what you want, it is suitable for you, whether in terms of price or proximity to the attending physician or the hospital that will go automatically.

21. You have a week 7 days from the time you arrive at any Egyptian port, whether air, sea, or land. To go to the Egyptian Passports and Immigration Authority at their new headquarters in Abbasiya or one of their branches if in another governorate to stamp the passport.



We wish you a pleasant visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt and that you will benefit from the information we have set for you.

Greetings to the Elymany website Team.

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