Visa to enter Egypt

Egypt entry visa

Visa to enter Egypt Today we deal with various aspects including who is allowed to enter Egypt without a visa or a visa. Who gets a visa on arrival and who needs a visa in advance? In addition to the e-Visa for Egypt, stay in touch with us.


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Procedures and regulations may change from time to time, so you should be alerted and should keep an eye on updates.


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Egypt entry visa

Visa to enter Egypt We have a lot of questions about visas to enter Egypt, so we have devoted an entire article to this matter. We have already devoted a detailed article on the entry visa to Egypt for Yemenis. Based on your requests, we always focus on your questions and inquiries.


Documents required to obtain a visa to Egypt.

1. A valid passport.
2. A visa, whether through a passport or electronically printed.


Types of entry visas to Egypt.

1. Tourist.
2. Studies.
3. Investment.
4. My treatment.
5. Transit.
6. Real estate.
7. The husband of the Egyptian citizen or the wife of the Egyptian citizen.
8. The sons of the Egyptians.
9. Electronic entry visa to Egypt.


Electronic entry visa to Egypt

The Egyptian government has launched an electronic visa portal that supports eight languages ​​on the website.

The EGYPT E-VISA portal provides its services in an excellent, wonderful, and fast manner, responding and interacting with its visitors.


Electronic entry visa to Egypt



What is the electronic visa for Egypt?

It is an Egyptian official document that allows its bearer to enter and leave Egypt.


What are the e-Visa fees for Egypt?

$25 for a single-entry tourist visa.
$60 for a multiple-entry tourist visa.


What are the e-Visa requirements?

The passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
Print the e-Visa.
your itinerary.
Support message.
Hotel booking.


Steps to apply for an electronic visa

1. Log in to the e-Visa Portal website.
2. Create an account on the site.
3. Verify the account.
4. log in to the site.
5. Click Submit your order and pay online.
6. Specifies the type of tag.


Egypt entry visa


7. Fill in the form with your information such as:

Date of birth
Passport number
Country of issue
Passport issuance and expiry dates
Travel dates
An electronic copy of the passport


8. Payment of fees.
9. Waiting for a visa via email.
10. Print the visa to show it during your entry into Egypt and departure from Egypt, so you must keep it for the duration of your stay in Egypt.


What countries require an e-Visa for Egypt?

1. Azerbaijan
2. Armenia
3. Australia
4. Albania
5. Germany
6. Uruguay
7. Ukraine
8. Ireland
9. Iceland
10. Spain
11. Italy
12. Estonia
13. Argentina
14. Ecuador
15. United Arab Emirates
16. Russian Federation
17. Bahrain
18. Brazil
19. Portugal
20. Bosnia and Herzegovina
21. Czechs
22. Montenegro (Montenegro)
23. Denmark
24. Sweden
25. China
26. China / Taiwan
27. China / Hong Kong
28. The Vatican
29. Kuwait
30. Hungary
31. Mexico
32. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
33. United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)
34. Norway
35. Austria
36. India
37. United States of America
38. Japan
39. Greece
40. Paraguay
41. Belgium
42. Bulgaria
43. Poland
44. Bolivia
45. Peru
46. Chile
47. Republic of Kosovo
48. South Africa
49. Georgia
50. State of Qatar
51. Belarus (Belarus)
52. Romania
53. San Marino
54. Sultanate of Oman
55. Slovakia
56. Slovenia
57. Singapore
58. Switzerland
59. Serbia
60. France
61. Venezuela
62. Finland
63. Cyprus
64. Kazakhstan
65. Croatia
66. Canada
67. Korea (South)
68. Colombia
69. Latvia
70. Luxembourg
71. Lithuania
72. Malta
73. Malaysia
74. Macedonia
75. Moldova
76. Monaco
77. New Zealand
78. Netherlands


Which nationalities are exempt from the visa to enter Egypt?

Visa-exempt nationalities of Egypt are citizens of the following countries:

1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2. United Arab Emirates.
3. Kuwait.
4. Jordan.
5. Bahrain.
6. Sultanate of Oman.


What nationalities require an Egypt visa on arrival?

Nationalities that need an Egypt visa are citizens of the following countries:

1. United States.
2. All member states of the European Union.
3. Australia.
4. Norway.
5. Canada.
6. Georgia.
7. Malaysia.
8. New Zealand.
9. Japan.
10. Macedonia.
11. South Korea.
12. Serbia.
13. Ukraine.
14. Russia.


Egypt entry visa



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