The difference between the thinking of the rich and the thinking of the poor

The difference between the thinking of the rich and the thinking of the poor


The difference is in the key the thinking of the rich differs from the thinking of the poor in many fundamental points. Which we will try to convey to you from numerous research and studies. Our goal is to change your thinking and develop, and we do not mean any insult or belittling to anyone.


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The mind

The rich, if he loses their money for any reason, will return as soon as possible and easy, but the poor mentality, if he has money and lost it, the money will not return. Today we will give you several points that may help change your thinking for the better. The mind is the key to success if you use it properly. These things are not taught in schools and universities.

The mind is the boundary between success and failure.


The difference between


1. Challenges

The rich mentality is always positive and sees challenges as untapped opportunities that must be exploited.

There is a merchant who has traveled to a country from a beautiful time and he is a shoe merchant. But when he arrived, he found that the residents did not know anything about shoes, they were walking barefoot. He went out and found a merchant who was going to go to this country, so he wanted to advise him not to go and told him the story, although the merchant was not a shoe merchant at all. However, his enthusiasm increased significantly and he thanked God for sending him to this country, which he saw as an investment opportunity.

While the poor person does not see other than the problem, he sees the challenges as a problem and stops there and controls him.


2. The rich are masters of money

Rich people know how to manage money and make money a means that works for them, they don’t work for money, money works for them. They believe that their income is proportional to what they offer to the market, the more product they earn, the more money they make.

While the poor man works for money, he works all day to receive money to spend. Like employees, workers give their time and effort for a certain material reward.
Thus, you find the poor person inside a vicious circle working to receive money to spend and return from the starting point.

If we had given two people a million each, I would have seen the poor man immediately. He buys an apartment, a car, and a foundation for a house, gets married, and holds his wedding in the best hotels. Honeymooning in the most beautiful places and gradually returning to poverty.

While the rich will think about how to invest a million and from their profits starts living their life without losing a million. At the very least, he will try to maintain the level he has reached and work on enlarging it.


thinking of the poor


3. The law of abundance

Rich people believe that the universe contains as many opportunities as there are for all people in the world.

While the poor believe that there is not enough for everyone in the world.


4. Information and knowledge

The rich believe that the one who possesses knowledge possesses power and wealth and is always the leader. Therefore, you find them constantly reading books and racing for information and knowledge, whether at a conference or a seminar.

And you find them working with this example:

The more you learn the more you earn

The point is, the more you learn, the more you win.

While the poor think that reading and knowledge are a waste of time and a luxury, the priority is to earn a living.




5. Fear

A beautiful feature that you find among the rich is that they challenge fears in all their forms and find them eager to turn fear into a challenge and from a challenge to an opportunity.

While the poor man’s fear dominates him and always turns to the safe side.


6. Relationships

The rich man is turning to public relations and expanding his circle of acquaintances. He is keen on babysitting successful personalities who drive him to enthusiasm and passion to achieve success.

While the poor see relationships as a burden and a headache. And most of their councils are full of negatives, which reflects on the person a chronic feeling of failure.


7. Comfort zone

Rich people are always fighting in their comfort zone to get out of it and overcome the routine. Whenever he reaches a level and feels that he has reached his comfort zone, he starts again so as not to fall into the comfort zone.

While the poor person prefers to rest and does not try to get out of it and is content with what he earns from money to pay his expenses only and will not accept getting out of his comfort zone.


8. Interviews

Always when rich people meet you find them talking about knowledge, opportunities, projects, statistics, and numbers.

While the poor are busy talking about each other or encouraging sports or following the news of artists and incidents and chatting on social networking sites.


9. Money

The rich believe that money was created to work and promote to bring money in addition to the money they have. It opens up jobs for the poor.

While the poor man saves money and hides it for fear of the day when he will be without work.


10. The time

The rich do not sell their time for money but rather relate their time to the income generated by the projects they are working on.

While the poor person prefers a job and a steady job, he offers his time for money to get a salary that will be enough for his expenses for the end of the month. And this is the only case in which the poor, unfortunately, feel financially secure.


11. The future

You always find the rich man thinking about the future, so he makes long-term plans for his projects and life. Therefore, you always find him ready and tidy, so he is not surprised by a shock or a sudden change, whether in currency or his life.

While the poor man is afraid of just thinking about the future, the most he can do is think about how to manage himself in the day he is currently living.
And you always find him talking about the beautiful past.


12. Adventure

The rich man is not afraid of adventure because he believes that it is part of the game, which he should not avoid. Therefore, he goes through it, but studies it well and all its possibilities. Either negatively or positively.

While the poor man sees the adventure madness and will expose him to dangers so you find the poor man is always far from success.


13. Self-confidence

The self-confidence of the rich increases over time as a result of the achievements they achieve and the network of relationships that grows with each success.

While the poor suffer from frustration and self-confidence due to their financial and social situation and the inability to achieve what they wish.




14. Reflection of the surrounding environment

If a rich person asks for a loan or financing for a project, he writes a huge number of zeros and at the same time uses them correctly.

While the poor have a maximum demand of a thousand and will not exceed a million, and this is a reflection of the environment in which he lives. Because he is not used to those zeros and does not know how to employ them.


15. Diversity of sources

The rich are keen to diversify income sources such as (real estate – gold – stocks – Stock Exchange – projects – factories). Therefore, the possibility of losing any of the sources as a result of market fluctuations or as a result of a crisis, whether natural or economic.

While the poor depend on one source of income, which is a job or a daily currency, and it is easy to lose it at any time and for any reason.


16. Ambition

The rich have the ambition to generate money, and whenever they reach a certain number, they seek to double it. And that creates more opportunities with that money to make new money added to his balance.

While the poor always feel content to satisfy themselves with the income of the weak. And he makes excuses to always stay the same.

Famous examples of poor people include:

(Conviction is an inexhaustible treasure).
(Long live the life of your parents).
(Do not skimp on Grace).
(Be satisfied with your share).

It is a coincidence that some clerics encourage poverty. Most of the people in Paradise are poor.


17. Excuses

The rich know perfectly well that they should not stop, waste their time and hang their problems on flimsy or real excuses. You always find him turning failures into success and difficulties into challenges that he studies and climbs on to succeed.

While the poor person is always in a state of constant complaining, which over time becomes a daily habit, you find him complaining and pinning everything for some reason.

This is what we say about my hanger hanging everything on the hanger of circumstances or social and other excuses that you create yourself.


18. Success

You find that rich people have a constant feeling that they deserve success and nothing but success. And he found Leng and nothing but success, which creates positive energy that helps him succeed.

When the poor person is born, he has a constant feeling of failure and he only wants to have the strength of his day to live his day.


The difference between

The difference between the thinking of the rich and the thinking of the poor



19. Objectives

You always find rich people writing down plans on paper that they write down themselves for two reasons: the first is the mental confirmation of the goal. The second is to focus on the goal.

While the poor are always busy thinking about the fear of losing a job, work, illness, a burglar breaking into the house, and so on. Therefore, he does not have goals that he seeks to achieve.


20. Tender

The rich seek to give and help others if he finds an opportunity.

While the poor are afraid of just spending money, some find it generous even though he is poor.


21. Promotion

A rich person always promotes his idea and himself as long as he believes in them and strives for success. He is ready to hear all opinions, both negatively, to reform himself and develop his idea. To gain all possible opportunities and employ them for the success of the idea.

While the poor may forget the idea as soon as they hear a negative opinion about it. A poor person may be afraid of people talking, so all opportunities that might help him succeed are lost from him.


22. The impact of the study

The rich man takes education and knowledge from study and builds his life by reading and gaining information about life and all areas.

While the poor man is content with studying, which qualifies him to be an employee only.


23. Attention

You won’t find rich people interested in other people’s sympathy for them because easily others will be preoccupied with their money and success.

While the poor man tries to get the attention and sympathy of others to him, which makes them under the influence and beg for their sympathy.


24. The strategy

The rich man always seeks to use the offensive strategy continuously in his business and investments.

While the poor man deals with a defensive strategy as long as it comes to money because he prefers the safe side far from losing.


25. Claim and boast

The rich always find a good listener who is taciturn, brags about his information, and has a passion to listen to others. Indeed, the speaker’s parameters may be few or incorrect, but the rich person takes advantage of them to come up with an idea that he is working on.

While the poor man is very talkative and claims to know everything about the universe, thereby losing a lot of new learning and may reach the point of not accepting any opinion or idea.


26. Problems

You find that the rich person faces any problem, whatever it may be, and seeks to solve it easily without fear or hesitation and without feeling that there is a problem in the first place. The bigger the problem, the more determined you are to solve it, overcome it, and learn from it.

While the poor person with the first problem, even if it is very small, finds that he wants to escape from it or tries to avoid collisions and deal with problems.


27. Reception

The rich are ready to receive both information and money. Because giving is preceded by receiving, otherwise how to give unless it is received at the beginning.

While the poor man works with a saying (it’s better to give than to take).


28. Start and treat

Rich people are always quick to start when they see an opportunity or an area that might work. They will start with it and over time address the problems and put forward adjustments and reforms that make their business successful.

While the poor person starts asking and asking for all the information, which makes him not move forward because it is impossible to decide at this time.

When the bird flu appeared, very few people turned to buying shares of livestock farms, especially sheep, and some turned to buy farms themselves.

While many, but the majority, avoided meat and trade in it for fear of the emergence of another disease or the fall of the market. The rich took advantage of the opportunity.

And you, dear, extract the witness from the example yourself.


 the thinking of the rich


29. The outlook for others

Rich people see everyone as human beings influenced by their competitors and this increases their determination and success to achieve more success.

While many poor people look at the rich and successful with hatred and envy. They may accuse them of having acquired their wealth illegally.

He said, ‘ no one believes until he loves his brother what he loves for himself.


30. Queen of choice

Rich people have reaction speed and multiple choice. If he chooses between two choices, he will choose both.

While the poor person, if he comes across two contradictory or compatible choices, stands in front of them and begins to think.

If I asked you, would you buy a house or a car this year
I know you’re going to say you’re crazy, I don’t have the value of one tire of a car.
The rich will respond with both, and his outlook does not depend on his balance or the size of his wealth, but on his mind.

Most rich people don’t have money in banks and they don’t have money stored in their homes, you’d be surprised by this, I know that for sure.
As the rich will think, he will go to a bank and ask for a loan, which is the value of the house, and because he owns real estate, companies, or shares, they will give them what he wants.
And he will do the same with the car, but this time with a home warranty.

Are you still shocked that it’s a simple game that rich people always play?


31. Work smartly

A rich person does not work for money but works intelligently with money.

While the poor man works only for money.


32. Capacity

The rich invest in themselves with learning and knowledge, science and knowledge is power, and power is the ability to act.

While the poor will put up with obstacles like I have no time and cannot learn.


There was a course under the title (millionaire mentality) and whoever knows the owner of the course writes his name in the comments.
Most of the participants are businessmen and rich people and their argument was if I learned just one thing that would bring me extra money.
While the bankrupt ones were saying We don’t need it or we don’t have its value.

The rule says = Know and learn = Power = ability to act.


33. Do what you love

Rich people work in areas that they love and adore.

While the poor work in areas that they do not like and are mostly far from their specialty.


34. Earn money

Rich people use other people’s money to make money.

While the poor person thinks that he needs money to earn money.


35. Physical level

The rich live at levels lower than their material ones.

A poor person spends more than his income.


36. Raising children

The rich man is keen to teach his children how to invest money, keep it and find it out of nowhere.

While the poor man teaches his children how to live.


37. Snobbery

Rich people want to live in a like-minded environment that shares the same mentality, and mindset and instills a competitive and positive spirit that drives them to create many opportunities and successes.

While the poor see the rich as arrogant and arrogant, no, dear, they are running away from negatives and messages that you share with your friends, and if you don’t, know that the devil prevented you.


38. Money and health

Rich people go to specialists or the best hospitals because they believe that money can save a life.

While the poor, if they have the price of the hospital, will go to a government hospital, local treatment, or medicine from the pharmacy.

And we’re not talking about the middle class, we’re talking about the middle class.
So the poor see that there is no connection between money and health.


39. Family

Rich people believe that they can have everything.

While the poor prefer the family for money.



It is not a condition that we have to be rich to transfer studies and research to you, and everyone has talked about it, you must benefit.

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