What are the reasons for website failure? 2023

What are the reasons for website failure? 2023

What are the reasons for website failure? a question that has become urgent for me websites a lot, and more important than the question is how to avoid failure.

When we know the cause of the failure, it is then easy to avoid the failure easily.


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By Professor. Jalal Alameri.
I hope that you will get your approval if I am injured by God Almighty, and if I sin, it is from myself and the devil.


Jalal Alameri


What are the reasons for website failure?

One of the most important reasons for the failure of websites is the lack of a clear plan and strategy to launch the site.

Many of the people I met believed that once a website was launched, it would make money shortly after launching.

This is similar to famous sites without the need for a work plan or even a team to manage the site or an operational budget.


How to avoid failure?

Having a business plan, strategy, and team for any website before you start designing and programming is very important.

All these elements will help you to create a clear picture of how to increase site awareness and increase the number of visitors and potential customers.

And how to improve search engines and increase interaction with the content provided on the site.

In addition to building a positive image of the site and increasing confidence among visitors.



It is a project like any project on the ground, and the difference is that it is on the Internet and carries between success and gain, and God forbid failure.


Here are some important points you need to know before launching a website.



A business plan is vital for any business as it helps to define goals, vision, and strategic plans.

To achieve these desired goals, it also helps to identify the required resources and allocate resources effectively.

In general, a business plan can be considered a roadmap for the success of the site like any business venture.


Define your target audience

The first step in developing a website marketing strategy is to identify your target audience.

Consider your ideal customer’s personality, needs, and interests, and how you can reach them.


Site Budget

Locations, like any business, need a start-up budget.

1. All expenses that will be paid for the establishment of the site.
2. Operating budget (marketingmanagementand others).


Market Competition Analysis

It is vital to the success and prosperity of any site This analysis involves studying direct and indirect competitors.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of them separately.

The analysis also includes the study of consumer behavior and preferences.

As well as estimating the size of the market and the demand for the products or services offered by the site.

Competition analysis helps in making productive strategic decisions for the development of products or services.


Social Media

Social media is essential for any website marketing strategy.

Use platforms such as (FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn)
To promote your website and interact with potential customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of any website marketing strategy.

Make sure your website is optimized for search engines so that it appears higher in search results.

When potential customers search for products or services offered by your site.


Invest in paid advertising

Paid advertising can be one of the effective ways to reach more potential customers quickly and efficiently.

Consider investing in Google AdSense or other paid ad formats to draw more attention to the site.


Finally, continuous follow-up

Follow the results of your efforts so you can adjust as needed and make sure you get the most out of your efforts.

Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track key metrics like page views and time spent on the site.

So you can make sound decisions about how to improve your website’s performance over time.

I wish everyone success.


What are the reasons for website failure? How to avoid failure?


Elymany team tips.

New Website Building Policy

When launching any website on the net, the site enters a test box for Google, which takes from 3 months to 6 full months.
During this period the site is monitored and its activity is.

This period is used to strengthen the site thus:

1. Write essays at least 10 essays.

2. Upload content on the site and complete the basic sections.

3. Subscribe to the site verification service (done by the Al-Yamani team for free).

4. Subscribe to Google Statistics service (done by the Al-Yamani team for free).

5. Subscribe to the Google News service.

6. Subscribe to Google Ads.

7. Subscribe to various search platforms.

8. Subscribe to the Symantec Insurance Service to obtain a certificate added to the permit of the site that Semantec sends to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many companies and sites, provided that the site is safe and free of malicious code.

9. Work on creating links in other sites to the site in its two parts:

Do follow
No follow

The greater the number of distinctive links, the strength of the site’s domain, and the global ranking are from (1 to 100).

There is no difference between an old domain that has years and a new domain except by the power of the authority, which is a strength and has a quantity of 100 and the number of monthly visits to the site.

Unfortunately, none of those who work in this field tell the owner of the site any details about this information at all.

Some sites work for years and do not know anything about these things, unfortunately, so we refuse to work at some times on old sites because they are not prepared for the design period for services.



We thank our brother Jalal Alameri for his distinguished article, which allowed us to add some quick details to his article for the benefit.

Greetings to the Elymany website Team.

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