Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt 2023

Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt

Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt, you can find here most of the markets for many products. Some are looking for a product to start their own business, but do not know the source. And where they are located, so we put forward this article, perhaps it will benefit you.


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Places of sale no need


Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt


Producer Address


* Clothing: threshold and date Agency.

* Perfume: musky.

* Spices: al-Hussein.

* Handicraft products: al-Hussein.

* Confectionery ingredients: threshold, Republic Street, and Klut Bey Street.

* Spare parts for washing machines and refrigerators: Republic Street and Klout Bey Street.

* Bathroom accessory: Al-Kuwait.

* Electricity factories: Emad el-Din Street.

* Travel bags: Abdul Khaliq Tharwat Street and First Al-Azhar Street.

* Seals and billboards: Mohammed Ali Street.

* Packing and packaging supplies: Saada Avenue and Al-noodles door.

* Average price clothing: Gaza Makkawi market, the port said St.

* Medical glasses and sunglasses: Bab al-luq, Mohammed Ali Street, and Halawa Pier.

* Highcopy watches: the watch aisle is in front of the threshold garage.

* Gold: Goldsmiths and Salah el Din in Heliopolis and Abdel Rahman Helwan Street.

* Silver: Khan al-Khalili, Goldsmiths, France Street, and Al-Hidaya.

* Agricultural supplies and seedlings for all types of fruits and vegetables: the nursery of the Ministry of Agriculture in Dokki and under the quarter after the Cairo security directorate.

* Books : sur Al-Azbakiya.

* Harem accessories: the Jewish lane and the new picnic.

* Nails and blacksmiths: Adventists.

* Ceramics and sanitary ware: Al-fajala, Al-Muhajiroun, Ain Shams, Tarsa, and kaabish.

* Antiques and oil paintings: the new stock exchange Street in the center of the country and Ramses Street.

* Industrial Security supplies: Imad al-Din Street and October 6, Laylat al-Qadr square, Ali al-Din Center.

* Wall stones, marble, floors, and decorations: al-Jumhuriya Al-bustanat Street.

* Power tools: Abdul Aziz Street.

* Canvas tents: door creation and noodles.

* Fabrics, curtains, and upholstery: Al-Azhar and al-Balah agency.

* Clothing and equipment for brides: ghuriya and Muski.

• Children’s toys: the new picnic-musky.

* Kitchen accessories and accessories: the new picnic-Talat bathroom.

* Najaf, abajurat, and antiques: the trail of the Barbarians-the new picnic.

* Accessories for bags, belts, and shoes: the trail of the Barbarians.

* Accessories of the week: Barbarians trail.

* Rice and pulses: at the bridge of Rawd Al-Faraj (Coast).

* Mobiles and Timbers: advocacy, humming, and forward market.

* Vegetables, fruits, and fish wholesale and sectoral: transit market.

* Accessories and auto parts:tawfikiya – Damascus Street-craftsmen.

* Copper, Blazers, and cooking equipment: aesthetic.

* Eating birds and animals and their supplies: Mrs. Aisha.

* Computer and mobile supplies: Souk Al-Asr Mall, Al-Sarraj mall,sakhawi, and Bab al-luq.

* Paper and greeting cards: Army Street, Al-fajala, and Al-manshiya.

* Bags and shoes: door noodles.

* Detergents and toiletries: door noodles.

* Accessories and handmade items: Al-ruwaii.

* Wood: the path of happiness.

* Marble: fatigue crack.

* Leather: Al-Hamzawi and the wall of the eye duct.

* Animals: Mrs. Aisha in the market on Friday and Sunday and Suez Bridge Street.

* Linen from bedspreads and upholstery.

* Medical and scientific supplies: Qasr Al-Aini and Al-qudai Street in Shoubra.

* Handmade lighting units for Arabic decor: Al Azhar.

* Haberdashery: Jewish lane.

* Nuts: Sea door.

* Herbs and all oils: Haraz St. Port Said.

* Herring: cruciferous and cruciferous.

* Power hoses: PSUs.

* Haberdashery and decorating lobes: Al Mazen lane.

* Glass and mirrors: Al-sharakwa and Al-Jamea square.

* Office supplies: rudeness.

* Paper products and napkins: Passos.

* Horses and camels: catarrh of ghee.

* Armored doors: Mostafa El Nahhas Street, Nasr City, and Matariya.

* Herbs and all oils: Haraz St. Port Said.

* Harem accessories: the Jewish Lane, the new picnic, and the alley of sixes.

* Street vendors carts: wholesale copper lane noodles door.

* Ovens for grilling fish and chicks: the door of the log towards Al-ruwaie.

* Laboratory instruments, medical devices for measuring blood pressure and sugar, medical glasses, medical beds, walking sticks, plastic bandages and arm wraps and the like, thermometers, and clinical supplies for patients in the face of Qasr Al-Aini Street.

* Pastrami, turkey cheese, and Damietta cheese: Port Said Street near El muskie.

* Two empty balls: Bab al-noodles near the Bab al-noodles metro station.

* Used cars: Nasr city car market, Tenth District Nasr City.

* Imported meat: Bab al-luq market near Tahrir Square.

* Food items Joomla: between the two walls.

* Wooden doors and ornaments: Port Said Street.


Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt



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Places of sale no need You may need it in Egypt.

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